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5 Ways Thrive Family Dental Makes Going to the Dentist Suck Less

1. The Atmosphere: Designed with the patient in mind, Thrive Family Dental feels more like stepping into a coffee shop than a dental office. The reception and treatment rooms feature local artists, live plants, large windows, and televisions. There are no pictures of bleeding gums or posters asking you to evaluate your smile. Just a nice atmosphere that is relaxing.

2. No Sales Pitches: Dentistry is a form of medicine - not a retail service. Comprehensive care that is tailored to your individual needs is what we do at Thrive Family Dental. There is no merchandise to buy and we don't offer or suggest unneeded services. You will have every x-ray and intra-oral photo we take explained to you so that you can make the best decision for your health.

3. The Sounds...The Smell: Nobody likes the sound of the dental drill and nobody likes the “Smell” of a dental office. To go along with the TVs in the Treatment room we offer noise cancelling headphones. We call it “Netflix and Drill.” As for the “Smell” we’ve got it covered. We use essential oil diffusers with lavender and vanilla along with live edge cedar wood accents in the office.

4. Affordability: Going to the dentist can be expensive and Thrive Family Dental is aware of that. You will have several options that allow for your dental care to be affordable. We accept almost every dental insurance out there and offer different payment terms. If you are a small business owner we offer a free discount plan for you and your employees.  We make sure that fixing your broken tooth doesn't break the bank.

5. Puppies: We are a Platinum Sponsor of the paws4people organization and an official training venue for their puppies in training. We have weekly visits of assistance dogs in training from UNCW along with regular puppy visits. There will also be access to a full-time facility dog that is trained to interact with patients to help reduce the stress of going to dentist

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