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Protect Your Teeth

Preventive Dentistry In wilmington

Wilmington dentist Dr. Ben Friberg focuses on preventive dentistry to keep your smile healthy and looking its best. Our goal is to promote the health of our community and develop meaningful relationships with our patients. During every preventive, routine visit, you’ll receive informative, patient-focused care and we will offer honest advice to help you make the best decisions for your dental health. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

What Does Preventive Dental Care Involve?

At its most basic, preventive dental care involve two yearly teeth cleanings and oral exams. During your teeth cleaning, one of our hygienists at Thrive Family Dental will clean plaque and tartar away from your teeth, buff and clean them, and floss to remove any particles of food or other debris that remain behind.
Then, Dr. Friberg will come in for an oral exam. He’ll take a look at your teeth and keep an eye out for signs of things like tooth decay, gum disease, teeth grinding, and other common oral health issues. If he notices a problem, he will help you understand your options for treatment.

We also typically recommend once-yearly x-rays, though the interval may be longer if you have good oral health and have not had any issues in the last year or two. Based on the results of your oral exam and x-rays, we may also suggest additional preventive treatments such as fluoride to help reverse minor tooth decay, and dental sealants to prevent further cavities from forming.

Why Is Preventive Care Covered By Dental Insurance? 

If you have dental insurance, your plan likely covers 100% of the cost of two teeth cleanings and oral exams per year, as well as 100% of the cost of a set of yearly x-rays. Though this may differ somewhat based on your plan, the vast majority of dental insurance plans cover basic preventive care at no cost to you.

So, you may be wondering why this is the case. Why would your insurer be so generous and let you get preventive care at no extra charge? This is because preventive care actually saves them money! If you had to pay out-of-pocket each time you went to the dentist, you likely would not go to the dentist as often. Then, this would mean that you would have a higher risk of developing issues like gum disease and tooth decay. In turn, this would mean your dental plan would have to pay out for treatments like dental fillings and crowns, periodontal care and other such expenses.

So, by covering the cost of your preventive cleanings each year, your insurer actually saves money on your dental care. You’re more likely to see the dentist and catch any potential oral health problems early, and prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease from occurring. If you ask us, that’s a win-win!

Wilmington Hygiene & Dental Cleanings

Routine cleanings and hygiene appointments are at the heart of preventive care. The American Dental Association recommends that you visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and oral exam. During these appointments, we’ll remove plaque and tartar buildup, which reduces your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Oral exams help us catch signs of decay, gum disease, and oral cancer early, and address them before they become more serious problems. Regular hygiene appointments safeguard your health and give you peace of mind, so schedule your preventive dental cleaning today!

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What Issues Can Regular Teeth Cleanings Prevent?

The most common issues prevented by teeth cleanings are gum disease and tooth decay. Gum disease is caused by plaque building up between your teeth and gums. This results in bacteria attacking the gums and supporting structures of your teeth. By removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, we can prevent gum disease from affecting your smile.

The same is true of tooth decay. We’ll clean your teeth to remove oral bacteria, and also look for any early signs of cavities, ensuring they can be reversed, halted or treated before they progress further.

Fluoride Treatments in Wilmington

Minor cases of tooth decay are characterized by a “soft spot” on your tooth where the enamel has weakened, but has not yet been destroyed. If you show signs of minor decay, Dr. Friberg will suggest a fluoride treatment to help reverse the issue and prevent the formation of a cavity. Fluoride treatments involve the application of a fluoride-rich paste that is painted onto your teeth. The high concentration of fluoride in this material encourages the remineralization and strengthening of your enamel.

Dental Sealants to Prevent Cavities

Dental sealants consist of a special liquid dental resin that is “painted” onto your rear molars. This liquid hardens into a durable shield and prevents oral bacteria, acid, and food particles from contacting your teeth directly. By doing so, dental sealants help prevent cavities in the rear molars, which are often at high risk of decay. With proper placement and care, sealants can last 10 years or longer.

Periodontal Care For Gum Disease Prevention

Proper periodontal care is essential for the prevention and reversal of gum disease. This dental health issue affects almost half of American adults, though many don’t even realize they suffer from gum disease. If you notice blood when you brush or floss, inflamed gums, or a receding gum line, these are signs that you should come in as soon as possible for periodontal care. We offer scaling and root planing in Wilmington to remove plaque and tartar from your gum line, and antibiotics to treat the infection. Don’t hesitate to contact our office at (910) 240-4797.