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No Dental Insurance – No Problem: Welcome the New Thrive Family Dental Health Club

You are busy, work is stressful, and life is expensive. Often times this leads to putting of things that aren’t urgent – but are important. Many patients push off their preventative dental visits in Wilmington because they lack insurance or think that it is going to be expensive. If it doesn’t hurt right? But you know your oral health is really important so what should you do? Read-On

We understand your challenges and brainstormed as a team on how we can help take the edge off going to the dentist (see “5 ways Thrive Family Dental Makes going to the dentist SUCK LESS”). One key element is cost. It can be expensive to go to the dentist – that is a cost associated with neglect – a cavity that goes too long becomes a root canal or a crown. Unhealthy gums can turn into gum disease. The longer someone goes without seeing a dentist the more expensive it can become. Our goal is to PREVENT that. We decided to make a very affordable “Health Club” style membership that makes it easy, affordable, and accessible to keep your mouthy health.

The Thrive Family Dental Health Club is $35 for adults per month or to take a little off the top $395 for the year. The membership is open to anyone in the Greater Wilmington, NC area who doesn’t currently have dental insurance.

What Do You Get As A Member?

All Preventative Services recommended by the ADA!

FAQs About Our Membership Plan

- Does it include my 2 cleanings? Absolutely! And our members can schedule them when it is most convenient.

- What about my exams with the dentist? Yes

- But do I have to pay extra for my x-rays? Never

- What else does it include? We even include fluoride varnish, oral cancer screenings, and a TMJ evaluation at each appointment.

- I have kids – Can I include them? Yes! Kids are even less expensive and include all the same benefits for $28.

- Family Discount? Of course – 10%

- What if I need to come in between my cleanings? Our membership plan includes a free emergency exam as well. You can just call and schedule as needed.

- What happens if I need to get some work done? All treatment, including cosmetics, has a 25% discount. This discount is often better than traditional dental insurances. This makes the Dental Health Club even better!

We are really proud of this membership plan. The Thrive Family Dental Health Club was designed to help patients achieve their oral health goals in a way that is affordable and accessible. If you are considering this plan please give us a call at 910-240-4797 and we can discuss it further. It is as simple as it sounds. The membership plan covers all preventative services that we offer for a low monthly or annual investment.

To sign up now go to our sign-up page

You could be a member in less than 5 minutes!

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