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Tips to Adjust Faster to Your New Dentures

Tooth loss is often resolved with dentures, be they partial or full arch. However, you need to understand that these types of procedures need some getting used to until you can feel fully comfortable.

In most cases, people will feel no discomfort at all with their dentures and rely on them as if they were their natural teeth. But it may take a while to reach this point. Here are some tips on making the process a lot smoother!

What Type of Discomfort Can Dentures Create?

The dentures are fixed to the gums, which is usually the cause of a bit of discomfort at first. It can take even a full month until you will be perfectly comfortable with your new dentures, and while this sounds like a long time, there are some things you can do to make the dentures feel better.

Common sensations people can often experience include mild irritation or even pain, especially while chewing harder foods. You might also be aware of the dentures at first, as they are a foreign object that needs to settle in before you get used to them.

After getting new dentures, follow these tips to increase your level of comfort and adjust faster to them:

  • Eat Softer Foods

Chewing hard foods can be a cause for pain right after you get new dentures, so start with softer options. Also, pay attention to how you eat and chew consciously, so you can get used to your new dentures and learn how to control them without hurting yourself.

  • Don’t Bite at First

As you try to move to tougher foods, avoid biting into the food directly, especially by using your front teeth. This can put too much pressure on the front, causing the back of the dentures to pop out.

  • Take Small Bites

Cut the food into bite-size pieces you can easily chew, and continue to pay attention to how you’re eating. The goal is to avoid dislodging your dentures during meals.

  • Change Your Diet

Certain foods aren’t exactly denture-friendly, similar to how people with braces often avoid chewy foods that can get stuck between the metal wires. With dentures, you should avoid sticky substances or really hard foods, as they can damage your new teeth over time.

Dentures are strong, but the more you bite into hard foods, the more likely they are to chip and crack. 

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