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What Are Invisalign Attachments? Why Do I Need Them?

If you’re exploring the possibility of straightening your teeth with Invisalign in Wilmington, you may have heard of “Invisalign attachments,” and you might be wondering what these attachments are, and if you’ll need them during your treatment. Get all the answers you need in this blog from Thrive Family Dental. 

Invisalign Attachments Are Small Pieces Of Resin That Are Attached To Your Teeth

Invisalign attachments are also sometimes called “buttons” or “bumps” because they protrude slightly from your teeth. They are made of a composite, tooth-colored material, and are bonded into place using powerful dental resin. These attachments can be made in a wide variety of shapes for different purposes, including circles, triangles, squares, and more complex shapes. 

They are usually bonded to your teeth before your Invisalign treatment begins, but in some cases, additional attachments may be placed and/or removed throughout the treatment process to keep your teeth moving properly. 

Placing and removing them only takes a few minutes and causes no pain or discomfort. To place your attachments, your dentist will clean your tooth, apply a little bit of dental resin, and then place the attachment based on your treatment plan. 

To remove them, they’re just popped off of the teeth using special pliers, then the tooth is gently cleaned with a buffing tool to remove any remaining material. 

These Attachments Help Position Your Teeth Correctly & Improve Your Treatment

So, why are Invisalign attachments necessary for your treatment?

A good analogy is to think of them as “handles” that allow your Invisalign trays to grab on tightly and move the tooth properly. Because they’re raised and have sharp edges, they allow the aligners to exert more force and move your teeth more effectively compared to the smooth surface of the tooth. 

Attachments are particularly useful for moving teeth that are not moving quickly enough, severely crooked teeth, or teeth that are rotated out of the proper alignment. Invisalign attachments are not always required for every patient who gets treatment, but most people will need at least a few of them, so be prepared for this when getting Invisalign. 

Invisalign Attachments Are Invisible & Won’t Affect Your Appearance

One of the main reasons people get Invisalign is to avoid the appearance of traditional braces which some people, adults in particular, find to be unsightly. 

So it’s only natural that you may be concerned that attachments will make your teeth look strange when you wear Invisalign. After all, won’t people be able to notice these “bumps” on your teeth? 

The answer is “no.” Your attachments will be very small and subtle, and will be matched to the color of your teeth. They will not be noticeable unless someone is looking at your teeth very closely, and are much more subtle than the brackets and wires used for braces.

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At Thrive Family Dental, our Wilmington dentists can help you get the straight, healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with Invisalign. If you have questions about treatment or need more information, we’re here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (910) 240-4797 to schedule an appointment right away and see if Invisalign in Porters Neck or Wilmington is right for you.

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