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What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery is a complex dental procedure, so it's important to follow your dentist's recommendations to the letter to ensure quick and proper recovery. 

One of the most common questions patients ask us is what foods they can eat immediately after the surgery and in the weeks following the procedure. 

Here's what you can eat and what you should avoid after dental implant surgery. 

Foods You Can Eat After Dental Implant Surgery 

As a rule of thumb, your diet must consist of soft and liquid foods for about a week following the surgery. After that, you can slowly include chewier foods into your diet based on how well the surgery site has healed. 

We recommend our patients to eat only soft or liquid foods in the hours following the surgery, such as soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and so on. This way you can reduce the risk of biting your tongue or cheeks if the effects of the anesthesia haven't worn off yet. 

Here are other foods that you can eat after dental implant surgery: 

  • Soups and Broths - Soups and broths are an excellent choice after implant surgery. They are easy to eat, packed with nutrients, and can help speed up your recovery. 
  • Eggs - You can eat them scrambled, poached, boiled, or fried. The possibilities are countless and this versatile food is also very nutritious. 
  • Dairy Products - Yogurt, milk, and soft cheese are great ways to add some protein into your diet while you are recovering from dental implant surgery. 
  • Soft Fruits - Berries, bananas, and peaches are delicious and full of vitamins. You can eat the fruit whole or mix them in a smoothie. 

After about one-week post surgery, you can add foods that require a bit more chewing, such as pasta, rice, meat, and even raw vegetables. 

Foods To Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery 

Here are foods you will want to avoid if you want a quick and easy recovery:

  • Hard foods - Nuts, potato chips, hard candies, or any other hard foods are off limits as they can affect the implant site. 
  • Chewy Foods - Avoid foods like steaks or raw veggies as they require you to use your teeth and mouth a lot and can affect your implant site. 
  • Sticky Foods - Foods like taffy require a lot of chewing and can also stick to the implant site. 
  • Spicy Foods - Spicy foods can irritate the implant site and prolong the healing period. 

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