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What Is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Wilmington offer numerous benefits: 

  • They look and feel natural 
  • They replace the tooth's root, stimulating the jawbone 
  • The implant itself can last a lifetime while the crown can last up to 15 or even 20 years
  • They are low maintenance 

So, it's no wonder that so many people are interested in Implants. But, considering they are considerably more expensive than other restorative treatments, you want to make sure that they are worth the price. For example, how high are the chances that your implant will be successful? 

The Success Rate of Dental Implants 

Research has shown that dental implants have a really high success rate. For example, implants inserted in the lower jaw have a 95% success rate, while those inserted into the upper jaw have a 90% success rate. 

The reason upper jaw implants have a lower success rate is that the upper jaw has less bone mass, making it more difficult for the dentist to properly set the metal post into the socket. Moreover, because the bone isn't that dense, the osseointegration integration process is slower and less effective. Even so, in 90% of cases, people needing an upper jaw implant can enjoy a successful outcome. 

Factors That Can Affect the Success Rate of Dental Implants

While dental implants are widely successful, certain factors can affect their integrity. These factors include: 

  • Smoking: Smoking is not only bad for your general health, but for dental implants too. That's because smoking makes it harder for the body to heal after implant surgery. 
  • Poor oral hygiene: Lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to the development of peri-implantitis, a condition similar to gum disease that can affect the integrity of the implant and make it become loose. 
  • Bone Loss: Your dentist will make sure that you have enough bone mass. Otherwise, the osseointegration process cannot occur properly and the implant is likely to fail. 
  • The position of the implant: The dentist has to perfectly fit the implant into the tooth's socket. Improper placement can make the implant shift, affecting the osseointegration process. 

How to Ensure Dental Implant Success? 

  • Make sure the dentist has plenty of experience and uses quality materials 
  • Maintain good oral care - brush and floss your teeth every day and visit your dentist in Wilmington for regular checkups. 
  • Give up smoking 
  • Maintain a healthy diet that is rich in raw fruits and veggies. 

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